Islamic Azad University Research and Technology Fund

Research and technology funds have started working with the aim of focusing on providing financial and support services to technology projects and companies with the permission of the esteemed Council of Ministers. Due to the specialization of the technical or geographical fields of providing the above services; Various public, public or private institutions have obtained licenses to establish and operate the fund.

Islamic Azad University, as the largest university in the country, is no exception to this and with the aim of providing better and more accessible services to its target community since 1394, has sought to establish a specialized fund with fundamental changes in the university management and change from “education-oriented” Being in the “entrepreneurial university” approach, this has accelerated more and finally, with the wise guidance of the esteemed president and also the esteemed vice chancellor for research and technology of the university and with the help of God Almighty and confidence in the young and motivated management staff, this aspiration has been for many years.

Renewal of the establishment license by the working group of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund

Legal registration of the company and issuance of an announcement for the establishment of the fund by the General Office of Companies Registration

Convening the first meeting of the General Assembly and approving the bylaws

Finally, obtaining a license for legal activity from the working group of the country’s research and technology funds

It was officially established in the Fajr decade of 1399.